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Carlita's Inteview with Rachel

Thumbing through my collection of dope September EP releases, I can't help but love Rachel Ann Weiss' latest EP, "Always". Sporting a memorable cover that any former child that fancied imaginative play and dress-up could identify with, Rachel's making waves with her guitar and "microphone". A great blend of indie folk/jazz with tinges of the old school, Rachel speaks to the ever-evolving and sensitive, unrequited love-familiar soul.

I chatted with Rachel about her new music, her love of The Little Mermaid (I still know 'Part Of My World' by heart, too), the support of her family including her mom, actress Kathleen Turner and her varied influences. I also discovered if you're ever on the 'Millionaire' trivia show and need to phone a friend about 'Dr. Who' and 'Top Gear', Rachel may be your best bet.


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I love rainy days :)

THERE'S ALWAYS A STORY: Rachel Ann Weiss breaks down her new EP

"What's a little rain?" Rachel Ann Weiss asks while seated on a bench beneath some trees in Washington Square Park, not far from her New York home. "As long as I haven't straightened my hair, rain and I are OK. I used to say that my initials stood for 'Rain and Wind.' … [The reason] why I love London so much [is] because there's a lot of rain — that bone-chilling, constant soul-crushing rain: It suits me."

One way or another, Weiss' self-proclaimed 'thing for water' has a tendency to be part of her music, so it's only appropriate that the sky has opened up while she discusses her new three-song EP, Always, on the day of its release (Sept. 9).

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check out my interview with cool blog The Joy Of Violent Movement

"In the second of what i hope will be a continuing (and expanding) series of audio interviews, I spoke with Rachel Ann Weiss, an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who released her latest EP, Always last week.

Deeply inspired by the work of the great and tragic Jeff Buckley, Weiss's sound employs elements of jazz, pop, blues and soul with a vocals that have been compared by some across the blogosphere as being reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Adele.

Comparisons of that order are often arguable, depending on the listener's personal taste and knowledge, but what I will say is that Weiss has a very soulful, smooth and at times husky vocal that conveys an emotional vulnerability and honesty that seems rare in a very ironic and vapid age."

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Thanks Lady Indie for sharing my EP "Always" with your readers!

"Have you heard the new EP by Rachel Ann Weiss? Rachel released her "Always" EP earlier this month, and we think it's just grand. Her rich soulful music is warming us up as we head into the colder months."

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Always EP review on The Front Loader

"I'm always fascinated with what direction the kids of famous entertainers take. For example, I think it's so interesting that Bob Dylan's son, Jakob Dylan, took to music and has turned out to be such a success. Did he hear his father's catalog and want to do the same thing? Did Jakob see his dad perform one day and think that dad sucks and he could do better? What was the turning point for him? This makes me wonder what Bono's kids will do… will they follow their father's footsteps or will they stay away from the limelight? Or how about Bruce Springsteen's kids?

Well, I can safely tell you what Kathleen Turner's kid has done."

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Thanks Swampmeet Louie...glad my music kept you cool during the heatwave : )

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